Brotherhood Steadfast Despite the Times

It has been said countless times that we are living through an unprecedented global pandemic. Nevertheless, the bonds of brotherhood remain steadfast. As a silver lining, here are a few anecdotes that demonstrate the resilience of the friendships formed at Chi Phi.

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How Chi Phi Succeeded in an Entirely Virtual Rush

Like many other long-standing traditions, Penn State’s Fall Rush was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the school year started, Penn State declared that fall rush would be entirely virtual. In response to that declaration, many fraternities opted not to participate. The Alpha Delta Chapter, however, decided to embrace the challenge. Working together, the active members were able to quickly adapt to the virtual environment. Their efforts paid off.

The Alpha Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity is proud to welcome 8 new members, the Rho Class, to the brotherhood. Under normal conditions, 8 new members is an impressive Fall Rush class considering that freshmen are no longer allowed to participate. In an entirely virtual environment, it is outstanding.

So how did we do it? Chi Phi started off strong by creating a virtual tour of the Chapter House (click HERE to view).

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Chi Phi Alpha Delta Chapter Needs Your Help

These are both strange and challenging times and the Alpha Delta chapter of Chi Phi has experienced both over recent months. The strange thing was the fact that after leaving on spring break, the students found themselves locked out of the university and fraternity house before they returned to State College. As a result, personal items were locked down in the house and the house was left with the eerie feeling of occupancy with nobody home.

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