Special thanks to Frank Finley ’54, who has recently joined the Foundation for the Kingdom fundraising drive with a donation that puts him in the Order of the Alumni category. Supporting the Chapter House has been a continual program for Frank. He joined the Campaign for Alpha Delta in 1989 and always supports the annual fund drive which supports the newsletter and other special chapter requirements.

Frank has always been a leader. He held the position of Alpha while living in the House, as well as Delta and House Manager. Frank says these positions helped him develop leadership, self confidence and social skills which helped him advance his career.

These skills were useful when he graduated and joined the U.S. Army Medical Corps and served in Korea. After returning, from service, he married Martha and enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering. Having their first child caused him to find a job. He joined Crucible Steel of America as an accounting trainee. He went on to PPG Industries from where he retired as Assistant Treasurer in 1991. But he wasn’t finished. He then joined a small Pittsburgh suburban hospital as CFO and CEO and worked until 1996.

He and Martha, married 53 years, travel a lot and “enjoys spending time with three grandchildren, and flyfishing and camping in the remote wilderness areas of North America.” He just returned from a flyfishing trip to British Columbia, and leaves next week for Alaska for salmon and rainbow trout flyfishing and grizzly photography.

But he never forgets his Chi Phi days. His best memory is the “brotherhood and fellowship around the dining room table and in the party room.” If he could do something over, it would be to “involve myself more in the alumni affairs and strive to lead the actives into better stewardship of the House.”

He would tell future Chi Phis to “Learn the rich history of Chi Phi, its traditions and rituals. Eat lunch and dinner together in the House dining room to foster brotherhood and stewardship of the House. Treat the House as if it were your own.”

He keeps in touch with several classmates including Rich Moch, Dick Headlee ’55, Jim Barr ’53, Bob Broomfield ’55, BK Roberts, Bill Norcik ’54, Walter Waple ’53 and Jim Martin ’53. Not only were these men memorable but so were Joe Folcarelli ’55, Bob Pierce ’57, Bob Evans ’54 and Sam Tippin ’53.

His best sense of accomplishment is his “41 years of volunteer service to the Boy Scouts of America because of their unwavering ideals and character development of youth.”

He has most fun with his grandchildren and flyfishing. His son, Rob, died at age 16 from Hodgkin’s Disease. His daughter, Amy, (PSU ’85, KKG) has 3 children.

Frank currently lives in the Bradford Woods suburb of Pittsburgh. Who would he most like to have dinner with? His family because “they are fun to be with and the conversations are interesting and educational.” What’s always in the refrigerator? “Salad makings, vegetables, fruit, lunch meat and wine.”

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